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Pet Safety During The Holidays

Our pets are our best friends, and we love them especially around this time of year and the holiday seasons. Who doesn’t love dressing their pet up for Halloween or having them wear a Christmas sweater for your festive parties? Did you know that even when the weather is cooler or cold, your pets are still in danger? Here are four tips to keep your pet safe this holiday season.

1. Be careful with antifreeze. Antifreeze is especially useful during the colder months to help our water and pipes not freeze. However, it isn’t so helpful to your pets. Antifreeze is poison, and if your pet comes into contact with it, it can be life-threatening. Keep the antifreeze on a top shelf or inside a cabinet so that your pet can’t access it, and when you use the chemical, keep your pets in another room for a couple of hours.

2. Don’t feed your pets table scraps. With all the family and friend gatherings, you can never be absolutely certain what goes into dishes that are prepared and brought for those holiday meals. Be sure to stick to pet safe good during the holidays to avoid unwanted sickness. Be sure to keep those candies and goodies away too because chocolate and sweets are not the answer for your pets.

3. Decorate according to your pets needs. Holiday decor is a must, but you still need to be careful with what you choose to hang on your tree. Tinsel and artificial garland (among other decor items) are harmful to your pets. If your pet chews or swallows them, it can get stuck in their stomach and lead to surgery or worse outcomes. Be sure to place these items high on your tree or on a shelf that they can’t access.

4. Keep your furry friends warm. This might sound simple, but pets can’t get themselves a blanket like we can when they are cold. Be sure to check on your pets, and dress them in booties or sweaters as needed. When the temperatures drop outside, your pet’s body temperature is likely to drop too. Make sure they have blankets and a furry bed to cuddle in at night, and dress them in fun holiday sweaters to keep them warm.

If emergencies happen and you need pet care during the holiday season, give Smith Animal Hospital a call! With experienced veterinarians, friendly staff, and a wide range of services and features, they are sure to help you this holiday season. Contact them at 662-323-6937 or visit their website at

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