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POCS Gift Choices

It is almost the Holiday season and we know you are on the hunt for Christmas and other holiday gifts to give your loved ones. Finding gifts that are meaningful and useful can be difficult, but we have a few suggestions to help your search.

1. Capri-Blue Candles

These amazing smelling candles are very well known for their Volcano sent. Not only do they smell great, but the packaging is beautiful and could be great décor in either a friend’s or your house. They come in different colors and patterns which makes picking them out even more fun. Capri-Blue also was founded in Starkville, Mississippi, so if you are a Bulldog fan, go support this local business.

2. Corkcicle

A very useful gift that is one of our favorites are the Corkcicle drink ware. Not only do they have drink ware, but they also have lunch boxes, barware, cooler bags, and other fun accessories. Corkcicle’s drink ware keeps your drinks at the perfect temperature for longer without needing a messy ice cooler. They lock in the temperature making sure you do not need to go grab a new cold or hot drink. These can be useful to any person and they come in different styles and patterns. If you are wanting to support local businesses, you can purchase these at the Lily Pad in Oxford,MS.

3. AirPods

AirPods would be a great gift for anyone and are not gender specific. The new AirPods are noise canceling so they are perfect for anyone who is wanting to focus on music or get stuff done with no distractions. The older version is a lot cheaper and are still a great gift! It is nice having headphones that are connected by Bluetooth, so you do not have to worry about plugging them into your device. You have free range of motion which is always an added benefit.

4. Ring Light

Ring lights are perfect for anyone who is having to stay home during quarantine, doing online classes, or having to work from home. These lights help make sure that you have the best quality of yourself when going on zoo

m calls, facetime, or any other service that is similar. During this time, one of these gifts would be great for anyone.

5. On Cloud Shoes

On Cloud shoes have been a big hit in the shoe industry. They are great for running and other physical activities you have in mind. They are light weight and not bulky like some athletic sneakers are. They come in all different colors and have a great look to them. You can support some Oxford local businesses by purchasing these at Austin’s Shoes or Hinton and Hinton (both located in Oxford, MS).

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