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POCS Gift Choices Part 2

We love sharing our favorite gifts and ideas to give to loved ones and friends. We have created a few guides to help you with your holiday giving. It can be difficult to find the right gift for someone, so we have a few items that might help your search.

1. Buff City Soaps

Buff City Soaps was originally founded in Memphis, TN, but recently started a location in Oxford, MS. They make different kinds of soaps from bath bombs, shower soaps, shower oil, hand soap, and more. They come in all different kinds of colors and scents and would make the perfect gift for someone that loves shower and bath products.

2. Spa Gift Cards

Who doesn’t love a trip to the spa? A spa gift card would be a great gift for anyone that is needing a break to just relax and enjoy themselves. We all need a good spa day from time to time! If you are in the Oxford area, SKIN Oxford would be a great place to get a loved one or friend a gift card for a spa day. They offer all kinds of different services for any need. Check out their website here:

3. Amazon Gift Card

You can never go wrong when giving anyone an Amazon gift card. Amazon has millions of different items for anyone’s current needs or wants. You can gift them by eGift, by printing at home, or by sending them through the mail. Click the link here to send a friend or a loved one an Amazon gift card today.

4. Beats Pill

A great gift for someone that loves to listen to music would be a Beats Pill. These speakers are set up by using Bluetooth and are a great size to take around wherever you go. It also charges your phone if you have a charging cord. They come in different colors and its volume is unbeatable. Check it out here:

5. Apple Watch

An Apple Watch could be a perfect gift for anyone. Not only does it tell you the time, but it operates similar to an iPhone. It allows you to open different apps and even text people from the watch itself. It has amazing features to help you get motivated and tracks your fitness and goals. Click here to get one:

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