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Raising Plants in a Dorm: Is It Possible?

House plants are a great way to spruce up a room and add a natural element to any space, but let’s be honest - the schedule of a college student doesn’t leave much room for anything, especially complicated plant maintenance. However, there are more benefits than just aesthetics to having indoor plants: a study by NBC News says that having plants boosts concentration and productivity by as much as 15%. The same study revealed that plants can also relieve stress and have a positive effect on mood.

These factors make house plants a great idea for a dorm room - but which plants would thrive in a dorm environment? Fortunately, there are some options for college students who want to cultivate a plant without breaking the bank or accidentally killing it. Some suggested low-maintenance plants for college students include cacti, succulents, aloe vera, or money trees (no joke intended - they do not grow actual money, unfortunately). So, yes - raising plants in a dorm is absolutely possible!

If you’re unsure of the maintenance of a plant or what to get, the best place to visit would be a plant professional. Twigs Nursery and Landscaping is a great local resource for a budding dorm room cultivator. They have a wide variety of plants big and small, and can help you find the perfect college-friendly greenery. Twigs is located at 7653 Oktoc Road in Starkville, and can be contacted at (662) 694-2695. The Oktibbeha County Co-Op also has a garden center fully stocked with plants of all kinds, and is another great place for an enthusiastic new gardener to get their feet wet in the plant world. They are located at 201 Pollard Road in Starkville and can be contacted at (662) 323-1742. Local supermarkets also have a great selection of plants this time of year.

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