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Real Estate Starkville: The Importance of Working with an Agent

Congratulations! Your child has been admitted to Mississippi State! It may be a great time to consider the purchase of a condominium for their use while a student, to hold as an investment, or to purchase a second home in Starkville.

With so much information at hand on the internet and search sites such as Zillow and, you may want to try to buy without representation and without an agent. This may not be in your best interest.

Experienced, local realtors know the neighborhoods. Chances are, you are buying in an area in which you are not familiar. Knowledgeable agents know the ins and outs of condo ownership. For example, some condominium complexes have deed restrictions that could affect your ability to rent extra rooms or hold for investment purposes. Experienced agents also know the subdivisions and can also help find locations that you may not know about - new construction and hidden gems. Realtors also know neighborhood amenities, traffic patterns, and cost to own including taxes and HOA fees. A qualified realtor can help you find a home or condo in proximity to what interests you and your student.

Real estate professionals are expert negotiators and know the market, property values and competitive sales. Armed with knowledge of market conditions, a pro will negotiate the best price on your behalf.

Real estate agents and brokers not only network with one another but have a network with other

professionals, many of whom provide services that you will need during the buying process such as closing attorneys, mortgage lenders and home inspectors. Local agents know the vendors that have a reputation for efficiency and competency. A local professional knows Oxford! When it is time to buy a house or condo in Oxford, trust a market pro. A local agent will point you in the right direction and follow through every step of the way and might even save you money (and headaches) during the process! Be sure to check out our friend: Kristin Hubbard at Starkville Properties! She's the local you want to know.

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