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Recruitment Gift Giving 101

Is this your first or only-time down the Sorority Recruitment highway? Even if it is not, but it might have been a moment or two since you paid attention to the details, this article is for you!! Truth be told even if you have serious family history on sorority row, and your daughter is going through recruitment… this will help!

You want the tea we are about to spill to make celebrating this milestone memorable for her and stress free for you. These helpful details will give you what you need to know all in one place about our favorite gift resources on the Oxford Square. Each is beautiful and unique, and I personally shop all three of them any time that I am on the square during business hours. You just never know what special something you are going to find! Each also has specific policies regarding recruitment gifting, and we want you to have all the scoop in one place. The shops are listed below in alphabetical order.

PLEASE NOTE No gift shop receives the bid lists before the girls find out.

First up, Katherine Beck Gifts – 134 Courthouse Square, Oxford, MS 38655 phone: (662) 234-9361 email: website:

Katherine Beck offers a variety of packages with several options for recruitment week happies (non-Greek gift items) and bid day packages for your daughter. With suggested theme ideas for each day of the week, you may choose one or two or all and spend at whatever level you prefer. Here are a few important things you should know.

Deliveries: $5.00 delivery fee for each delivery on both Happies and Bid Day gifts.

Where: All Happy deliveries are taken to your daughter’s dorm lobby in the morning before rush begins that day. She is texted about the delivery. If she does not come down to sign for and take it before the recruitment rounds begin, the gift leaves with the KB staff member and returns the next day to the dorm lobby to start the process again. Bid Day gift delivery begins after the girls have received their bids and continues as late as the houses will allow deliveries on Bid Day through Monday (or Tuesday if needed). You are responsible for letting your daughter know that she has a gift coming to her new house.

Returns and Cancelations:

· Exchanges may be made September 7 – September 21, 2021.

· Greek Items can ONLY be exchanged for other Greek items.

· Store credits will be valid through the end of fall semester, expiring December 14, 2021. (There is NO guarantee any out of stock items will be reordered)

· In the event your daughter does not receive a bid, please call the store immediately. You will have the option to either send a non-sorority “happy” gift or cancel completely.

· Should your daughter choose not to accept a bid, please call immediately. They have no other way of knowing the bid was not accepted, so the gift will be charged & delivered to the Sorority house.

To see all the Katherine Beck Gifts options for Rush as well as their FAQ’s go to

Next we have Lily Pad - 128 Courthouse Square, Oxford, MS 38655 Phone: (662) 238-2900

Lily Pad also offers a variety of packages with several options for recruitment week. First, are “good luck” items (non-Greek gift items). With good luck gifts you have loads of flexibility based upon day or days you would like to have gifts delivered and how much you wish to spend. Lily Pad has recommended themes for each day if you wish to go that route. Their staff will even go through a few questions with you over the phone about her and select gifts for your daughter as well if you wish to have help with the process. With suggested theme ideas for each day of the week, you may choose one or two or all and spend at whatever level you prefer.

Second, are Bid Day Baskets for your daughter. In this category you have options from prepackaged to completely custom. It is up to you about which to choose. Regardless of your choices, there are a few important policies you should know.

Deliveries: Are $5.00 per day up to $20.00; after that, deliveries are free.


Good Luck gifts are delivered to the lobby of the girl's dorm. Delivery staff will sit with the gifts throughout the day. Your daughter may pick up her gift any time. If it is not picked up that day, then the delivery team will bring it back to the store that evening and try delivering it again and have it in the lobby the next day.

Bid Day orders will begin arriving at the sorority houses later in the day on bid day. Lily Pad will begin completing Bid Day orders after they receive the Bid List.

Returns and Cancelations:

· Exchanges can be made starting the Wednesday after Bid Day and must be done by October 31st, 2021.

· Greek merchandise can only be exchanged for other Greek merchandise.

· If your daughter does not accept a bid or drops out of recruitment, it is asked that you call or email immediately to cancel the order. The team will be happy to make a “happy” basket for her and deliver it, or she can come by and pick up her gift certificate instead.

· Lily Pad does NOT offer credit card refunds or cash back.

To see all of the options available for rush gifts at Lily Pad, go to for more details and FAQ’s.

Last but certainly not least is Olive Juice – 305 South Lamar Boulevard, Oxford, MS 38655

Phone: (662) 259-2696

Offering a variety of options for Good Luck Happies and Bid Day Baskets. Olive Juice also offers daily themes/suggestions during the week and customizable Bid Day Baskets at a range of price points. They make selecting items for your gifts easy to choose whether you are in store, phoning in your choices or submitting via email. Olive Juice also has prepackaged gifts that are filled with popular items beloved by Ole Miss sorority girls. Good luck happies may be pre-ordered up until the beginning of recruitment. Bid-Day Baskets are available for order as late as recruitment week however, preorders are currently open and highly recommended.

Deliveries: Free with each daily $25.00 gift expenditure. Fees apply for any daily gift total below $25.00

Where: Good Luck Happies are delivered daily to designated areas on campus. You may select which days you want deliveries. Bid day packages are put together and delivered to the sorority houses following bid distribution to new members. They will be continually delivered to the houses through beginning Monday. Please let your daughter know to look for her delivery at the house.

Returns and Cancellations: Greek items are exchanged for Greek items only. If your daughter is not on a bid list, you will not be charged. If she does not accept a bid, please call right away to let us know. Credit cards are run after baskets are delivered.

We hope this helps you in your search for great gifts during this special time. Always feel free to contact any of these shops to confirm information. Policies are subject to change at the discretion of the owner of each business.

Please let us know if this post was helpful by liking and commenting down below. Don’t forget to sign up for our email list. There you will be the first to know about what is happening in your son or daughters home town away from home.

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This was the best information! Has made my heart so happy to see my daughter light up after a long day and receiving happies! I can’t thank y’all enough! Olive Juice showed out!!

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