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Recruitment Gift Giving 101

Is this your first or only-time down the Sorority Recruitment highway? Even if it is not, but it might have been a moment or two since you paid attention to the details, this article is for you!! Truth be told even if you have serious family history on sorority row, and your daughter is going through recruitment… this will help!

You want the tea we are about to spill to make celebrating this milestone memorable for her and stress free for you. These helpful details will give you what you need to know all in one place about our favorite gift resources on the Oxford Square. Each is beautiful and unique, and I personally shop all three of them any time that I am on the square during business hours. You just never know what special something you are going to find! Each also has specific policies regarding recruitment gifting, and we want you to have all the scoop in one place. The shops are listed below in alphabetical order.

PLEASE NOTE No gift shop receives the bid lists before the girls find out.

First up, Katherine Beck Gifts – 134 Courthouse Square, Oxford, MS 38655 phone: (662) 234-9361 email: website:

Katherine Beck offers a variety of packages with several options for recruitment week happies (non-Greek gift items) and bid day packages for your daughter. With suggested theme ideas for each day of the week, you may choose one or two or all and spend at whatever level you prefer. Here are a few important things you should know.

Deliveries: $5.00 delivery fee for each delivery on both Happies and Bid Day gifts.

Where: All Happy deliveries are taken to your daughter’s dorm lobby in the morning before rush beg