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Spring Cleaning Like a Pro: College Edition

Spring is quickly approaching, and that means it’s time for spring cleaning. Tidying up for the new season can give a sense of renewal and energize you for the warmer months to come. Here are a few tips for your student to help them tackle some of their dorm or apartment clutter and totally transform their space.

1. Get rid of old class materials. If you aren’t planning on saving any notes or paper work from last semester’s classes, toss them out or recycle them. Your workspaces will feel much cleaner! You can also make a little extra cash by selling your old textbooks at the beginning of each semester. Try using Facebook groups to connect with other students looking for books you are no longer using.

2. Go through your closet. Generally, the rule of thumb is if it’s in season and you haven’t worn it in six months, get rid of it. This will make getting dressed much easier, as you won’t be thumbing through clothes you never wear. Consider donating your gently-loved clothes to Starkville’s Salvation Army or the Palmer Home for Children Thrift Store.

3. Clean out the fridge. Take stock of what you have and throw out anything past the use by date. That spaghetti from August may be better off in the trash can.

4. Sanitize! With colds and flu going around, taking time to sanitize the the surfaces, doorknobs, and shared items in your dorm or apartment is never a bad idea. Make sure your spring cleaning routine involves a thorough wipe-down.

If your student has some items they just can’t part with but don’t quite have room for, consider Moreland Storage! They have climate-controlled and non climate-controlled storage units in multiple sizes sure to fit your things and your budget. Moreland Storage also has U-Haul trucks, trailers, and boxes available for all your transportation and storage needs. For more information, visit their website or call (662) 323-4892.

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