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Starkville's Crawfish Season

Crawfish season is gearing up in Starkville! Crawfish boils will be happening all over town, new dishes will be cooked, and crawfish will be eaten by all. Some restaurants are serving crawfish now, and many are preparing their best recipes and dishes to serve their customers. As spring time comes closer, crawfish becomes everyone's favorite food. Mardi Gras season comes, and even though we aren't on the coast, we are still celebrating in Starkville with some of the best crawfish around. Baseball season is here too, and a staple to baseball tailgating is crawfish. Whether you buy it and cook it yourself or enjoy it at a favorite restaurant in Starkville, crawfish is sure to satisfy your taste buds this season.

Here are a few restaurants in Starkville where you can enjoy a delicious crawfish dish - from boiled to friend, on a po-boy or on nachos - you are sure to enjoy one of these places!

Rosey Baby

Central Station Grill


The Little Dooey



The Veranda

STAGgerIN Sports Grill

Restaurant Tyler

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