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Starkville Storage Spaces

Moving in and out of living spaces in Starkville can be a huge pain. Sometimes, you have to take all of your student's belongings all the way home only to bring it back in a couple of weeks or a few months. What if you had an option to store the belongings in Starkville, and you don't have to load and unload all of the heavy furniture several times? The good news is, you do have that option! Check out these recommendations in Starkville.

· Moreland Storage - Moreland Storage has various options and sizes for storage spaces. From heated to cooled, square to rectangle, or tall to short, there is an option for you. These storage spaces are rented monthly, so you can have it when you need it most, for as long as you need it. They don't only offer storage spaces though, they also have overnight RV spaces, covered RV and boat storage, and U-Haul services available.

· Dawg House Storage

· Your Extra Closet

· Starkville Storage

· Academy Mini Storage

· Central Station Storage

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