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Steis Design Has Just the Right Touch

Whether you are moving your student into the dorms or you have just bought a second home in Oxford, be sure to add Steis Design to your list of “must use” professionals in Oxford. Originally located in St. Louis, Missouri, Julie Steis and her team are now offering their fantastic design services in Oxford. Steis does residential and commercial remodeling and new construction, and is excited to also to add services in Oxford to create amazing spaces for Dorm Rooms and Condos.

Working with actual design software allows Steis to create beautiful custom interior designs and offers customers the ability for complete control throughout the design process. Most certain this hands-on approach helps the customer with a vision for the finished product. When working with incoming college students on dorm decor, Steis Design offers a design board after gathering information through a personal questionnaire and meeting. A design worksheet is a must for this busy team, keeping you and their team highly organized with a listing of every item. Insiders tip: The new hot color of 2021 will be soft and serene whites.

Perhaps, you want help with only a portion of your project, Steis Design can do any project whether small or large.

Steis Design also loves to recycle old items of yours. If you are wanting to sell your headboards at the end of your child’s year of living in the dorms, they allow you to sell them back to them at 50% buy back reimbursement. Furniture for the dorms can be financially burdensome because while you spend more getting your students outfitted for the dorm room, not all the pieces will be reusable in a future home or apartment. Selling these unneeded items back at a discounted price is a great way to recoop costs and offset new ones as your student transitions into larger spaces.

When it comes to finding artwork for your house or student’s dorm, Steis Design loves to use local artists. They have worked very closely with a few artists in Oxford and support other fellow small businesses.

Currently, all their consultations are virtual – but this is often the case when dealing with parent and student clients in their own home state. All their design services and packages are located on their website. They charge hourly for design services and they can be discussed directly with you as a client.

Julie Steis has been an interior designer for twenty-five years and is based out of St. Louis. She has been a small business owner for many years and has the love and passion for servicing clients with their design needs to make their home or office a user friendly and beautiful space that they can enjoy for many years. She also has three children that are now alumni of Ole Miss and has first-hand experience knowing the demand and the difficulties of finding vendors to service design and set up dorm rooms. She believes that with the growth in Oxford between dorm room, staging, and design, that there is a great need for experienced designers.

Check out Steis Design here, or call Julie Steis directly at:

(314) 486-1386

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