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Storm Safety In Starkville

Severe weather is nothing to joke about, especially when the threat is known days in advance. In Starkville this weekend, the weather is not going to be nice, and we want you to know what you can tell your students can do to prepare.

As of now, Starkville is in the "enhanced risk" of severe weather from tonight through Sunday. The worst is expected to come through between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. on Saturday. With this storm, you can expect widespread damaging winds with gusts up to 70 mph, large hail, and tornadoes that could be strong.

In Starkville, there is a Safe Room that is open to the public. This safe room doesn't open until a watch is issued here in Starkville. This is located at 985 Lynn Lane. Anyone can come, but pets are not allowed, except for service animals.

Be sure your student stays up to date with the weather this weekend by checking social media, websites, and their student Maroon Alert. Any student and faculty can sign up for Maroon Alert through their Banner on their myState account. This will give automatic updates via text messages, phone calls, and email.

Here are some major news outlets to stay up to date with.

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