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Studying Abroad: Costa Rica

I studied Spanish abroad in San Jose and Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica in Summer 2005. It was a spectacular experience, in so many ways. First of all – academically. Learning a foreign language was TOUGH for me. I started trying to learn Spanish in high school, then had to take 2 classes minimum in college. I made it through the first one as a lecture class in college but when the opportunity was presented to do the second class abroad, I jumped on it! It took some convincing when it came to my parents – the tuition was about the same, and I coerced them to make the cost of my flight and spending money part of my upcoming Christmas gift. They were initially worried about sending their oldest daughter to a central America, but there were plenty of materials available from the University to answer any questions they might have. Back to academics – this was hands down the BEST way for me to learn the language. Being immersed in the culture for more than 3 weeks, I was practically fluent by the time I came back to the states. My friends and family were having to remind me to speak English! ​​