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Summer School Not Summer Drool

We know it is summer time, and every person is ready for a break no matter what school they went to or where they live. However, I came to find that you can still have a break in the summer, be enrolled in school, and possibly better yourself in the long run.

I was a transfer student from a junior college, but no matter the community college or university I attended, I came to find that summer classes were often easier and more relaxed compared to the fast-paced, regular courses during the school year. At a junior college I even found some classes to be cheaper than at a university. However, universities usually provide higher level courses that community colleges do not. Either way I found that schooling in the summer can be a GPA booster.

Of course, pay attention when registering for summer classes to class sizes and teachers, as well as their reviews. Do not have the mindset of, “oh it’s a summer class so I am not going to have to try," because it is still school, and you will have to put forth effort.

An online option may also be listed, which is a great opportunity to grasp if you have the chance. With online classes, depending on how long the course lasts, you only have assignments due 2-4 times a week. To me, this is not as bad when you think about going to class every day.

Most schools during the summer offer two terms of classes, one in June and one in July. Of course, the June term has already started, but make sure to pay attention for July registration. Whether you are at a junior college or a university, hurry and register and do not miss your chance!

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