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The Homestead Education Center

Hi parents! We wanted to share some information about a very unique, local non-profit organization. You may have a student that would be interested in volunteering or getting involved. Or who knows? Maybe you’d like to become a member and become involved, yourself! Read here to learn more about the Homestead Education Center.

Are you looking for a community that wants healthier, more authentic, more sustainable homes, families, and lifestyles?

The Homestead Education Center is a registered non-profit 501c3 organization started by Alison Buehler, and it is run by a Board of Directors. The Homestead is a 5,000 square foot lodge on six acres of lakefront property in Starkville, partially powered by a solar array. They host activities, workshops and events and outreach. On-site they have over a mile of nature trails, chickens, bees, two teaching gardens, gray-water, rain catchment, a compost system, and a fruit tree orchard.

Alison Buehler and her family started the Homestead Education Center to share what they were discovering about homesteading and natural living. Their passions include natural solutions to health and wellness, a hunger for personal growth, and a love of art and culture. Their goal is to provide a place where you can share real life education, purposeful living, intentional, mindful health, home and community.

The Homestead Education Center has been a proud partner of the J. L. King Center since 2016. They raised money through their “Helping Hands Project” to replace the roof. They partner on after-school program grants and provide curriculum to the surrounding neighborhood. The money gathered through The Homestead goes to support adult education and workforce development in particular. Helping people overcome hurdles to obtain decent jobs is a vital piece of the puzzle.

The Homestead Center offers online courses as well. You can take a course at your own pace or become a virtual or local Homestead Member to access this resource. Their online programs also feature downloads and a podcast database.

Looking to getting plugged in? They offer monthly memberships, bi-annual memberships, annual memberships and even gift a membership. If interested, visit their website. You can also contact the Homestead by emailing them or calling 662-694-0124.

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