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The Lowdown on Tornado Season in Oxford

Although tornadoes are very rare in Oxford, it is never a bad idea to stay prepared. Here are some ways that you can stay informed about the weather.

Here in Oxford, the tornado sirens are tested every Wednesday and Saturday at around noon. Although tornadoes don’t typically happen in Oxford, the city has to make sure that the sirens still work in case one ever comes and they need to turn the sirens on. The university also emails students and faculty when they will be testing the siren to warn people and to let them know that a tornado warning has not been issued and they are not in danger.

Some apps to use in order to stay updated at all times include the Action News 5 and Weather app on an iPhone. Action News 5 is based out of Memphis but can still give updates on Oxford weather. It is able to give hourly updates, a radar of the United States, gives a daily forecast video, and also gives users the option to put in more than one location. The Apple weather app shows an hourly timeline of the weather, current temperatures, weekly weather, and even the air quality. Also, the maps app has an option to turn on weather conditions to show where it is safe to drive and where it is not.

WTVA is a local weather station used in Tupelo, Oxford, Starkville, and Columbus Mississippi. They offer a live stream online of the broadcast and give weekly and hourly timelines of the weather. They have been around since 1957 and are an affiliate of NBC and ABC. Another part of their website includes where storm shelters can be located in counties around Mississippi, including Lafayette county.

Many students and parents struggle to find ways to stay informed about when tornadoes, or even storms, could be coming into their area. Many parents want to make sure and know their children are safe and have a plan if something as dangerous as a tornado touches down.

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