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The Tradition of the Cowbell

You ring your cowbell at all the Mississippi State games, but do you know why? The history at MSU is rich, and the cowbell falls right in line with its history. The cowbell became popular at games in the 1930s. The legend says that a jersey cow wandered onto the field at a home game between MSU and rival Ole Miss. MSU won this game, and the cow became an iconic symbol for students at MSU. Eventually though, the cow was a bit much, so students began to bring just the cow's bell. By the 1950s, cowbells were common at all Mississippi State games, and they were eventually established as a symbol of the university. In the 1960s, professors at MSU came together and wielded a handle onto the bell to make it easier to carry, hold, and ring.

Throughout the years, Mississippi State has had its fair share of probationary measures and disciplinary actions in regards to the cowbell. However, neither the SEC nor the NCAA has stopped fans from bleeding True Maroon and ringing their bells loudly at every home game.

Today, cowbells can be bought at various locations around Starkville, but here is a list of some of the most popular shopping locations.

· The Lodge

· Barnes and Noble

· Campus Book Mart


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