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Things to Do with Your Student During Break

Parents, can you believe it?! Your student is almost done with the fall semester and you finally get to see them again! There are so many things to do with your kid when they get home, but here are a few essential things every parent should do.

Take them shopping!

College is a time where sharing clothes is at a premium. Your kid will probably come home with half of the things they brought to college, at least I did! You can never have too many clothes in college and parents of freshmen will soon realize this when their kid comes home. Whether your kid is big into sharing clothes or is just really bad at keeping up with things, taking your kid shopping is an essential part of the break.

Go to the doctor!

Parents, especially freshman parents, your kid is going to come home with a bit of a cold. It is very difficult to stay healthy while living a college lifestyle and with college students’ busy schedules, there is very little time to go to the doctor during the school year. It is imperative that parents take their kids to the doctor if they seem the slightest bit off. It never hurts to get a checkup, this is especially true after a near full semester in college.

Spend time with them!

Whether they admit it or not, your kids are happy to see you and happy to be home. Spend time with them. What you have probably realized is that it’s difficult being away from your kid(s) for a long time. I know for me, there was nothing better than a nice home cooked meal after torturing my body with nothing but fried food. Be around when your kids are home,. Remember…. they will have to head back at some point.

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