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Tips to Prepare for Their First Apartment

It’s the second week of October of my daughter’s freshman year. My phone announces a text message from her. I open it up expecting to see a photo of her walking across campus or enjoying life at the sorority house. Instead, I see, “MOM!!!!! We have to put money down on an apartment next week or I won’t have a place to live next year!!” UGH!!! Seriously? She is two months in and barely knows anyone. I was not ready to start thinking about next year in October. But quickly, we adapted. Today I am going over tips to help you prepare for your college student’s first apartment.

So first things first. Furnished or unfurnished? if your student is moving into a furnished apartment, then you are golden.

· Get all the particulars from the complex about their process. Documents will need to be signed or cosigned, move in dates, how rent and utilities are paid, etc.

· Next semester, help your student figure out what they need to get rid of (sold, donated, or trashed), keep from their dorm, and either go in on a storage unit with others for the summer or pack it up and head home.

· Go enjoy your summer with your son or daughter.

If your son or daughter is going to need to furnish their apartment, this list is for you.

· If you do not live close to Oxford, consider renting a storage unit. Sometime after spring break, another mother and I rented a storage unit and began filling it. Our daughters began sorting through their things, boxing them up, and taking them to the unit when they could. A storage unit also made it easier when we were in town and would shop for furniture or were bringing something from home.

· Schedule a zoom or group call between the other roommates and their parents about what they want to be responsible for in the common areas. I do not recommend sharing the expense of single items. That only works well if all the roommates are living together the next year and that rarely occurs.