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To Bank Locally In Starkville Or Not?

College will most likely be the first time your child will manage their own money. This ought to be fun (to watch,) right? But helping your child manage their money can prove to be difficult from afar. Right now is a great time to consider opening a local account for your child in Starkville. There are a few things to consider about whether to open a bank account in Starkville or not.

First, some of our local banks include:

Regions Bank

Cadence Bank

Bancorp South

Renasant Bank

Trustmark Bank

BankFirst Financial Services

Bank of Commerce

The Citizens Bank

CB&S Bank

Knowing this, you may want to consider using a bank that has a branch in Starkville

to avoid transaction fees and easily make deposits from afar. Also, it's important to know that because you have a certain branch of one bank in your town, as we have in Starkville, MAKE SURE THEY ARE THE SAME and can be used easily together! (Lessons learned here, folks.)

Second, locations of ATMs are available on Mississippi State's campus and can be found on the first floor of the Colvard Student Union. These include Bancorp South, Cadence Bank, Regions Bank, Renasant Bank and Trustmark Bank.

Third, while not the most important, there certainly is something to be said for your child having

the ability to go “into” a local bank and have the learning opportunity to start figuring our their

finances, on their own. On a side note, all banks now offer mobile and online accessibility that can be helpful to easily track their spending and help from afar. You can also tie your checking accounts from other banks to theirs for easy transfers.

Having a local bank here in Starkville really does help, and it is something to consider before school starts this fall.

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