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Training A Puppy In Starkville

I have a 10 week old miniature dachshund named Charlie. I got him over the summer while still in quarantine. Being with him all the time has helped the training process, but now that things are resuming some type of "normal," the training routine can be hard some days. If your student has a puppy they are trying to train, it can be challenging. Between classes, meetings, study sessions, and events, your student may feel overwhelmed or stressed. Here are some tips to help them train their pups.

1. Keep a sleep schedule. Make sure to put the puppy to bed at the same time every night, whether or not they go to sleep at the same time. If they are not going to bed at the same time because they have to study or work around the apartment, try placing a blanket or towel over their kennel to block out light and distractions. The puppy will learn that this means it is night time. Also, try to wake the puppy up aroun

d the same time every day. If your student's earliest class is at 9 a.m. on Tuesday and Thursday, they can try waking up every day at 8 a.m. to establish a morning routine for the puppy as well.

2. Establish potty training techniques. One of the biggest training hassles is potty training. If your student is gone most of the day, this can be a huge challenge. They may try to fit in an hour or two throughout the day to stop by their apartment and check on the puppy. It is likely that the puppy will be hungry, have to potty, or even wan

t to play. If your student can establish a certain time each day to try to be back home, the puppy will learn to wait until they get home to potty.

3. Spend time with the puppy. Even though your student is in school, they should still find time each day to spend with their puppy. Whether they take the puppy on a walk in the morning or afternoon, or if they play with them for an hour when they get home. Maybe they even take them for a ride to run simple errands around town. Mos

t puppies live for their owners, and they are excited to see them come home. Be sure your student lets them know they love them too.

Starkville is full of helpful options when it comes to taking care of dogs and puppies. Some apartment complexes even come with dog parks on campus for easy access for students and their pups. If your student finds that they cannot be with their puppy for long periods of time each day, check out The Dawg House Playground & Salon. This doggy daycare will take care of your student’s pups when the

y need it. It is also a great place for grooming and salon services for their puppies. PetSense is a great option when it comes to finding toys, leashes, beds, and more supplies for their pups.

No matter what age your student's puppy or dog is, they should give it the utmost care and love. Puppies are a gift to us! After all, they do say that dogs are a man's best friend!

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