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Back to School: Important Dates

Hi fellow parents! My name is Rebecca and I am thrilled to be one of the first guest parent bloggers for POM! I have a junior daughter at Ole Miss and a freshman son at LSU. We are from a small town in Louisiana and just love all things Ole Miss!

One of the many awesome (or not so awesome) things about Ole Miss is the nearly six week winter break! To be completely honest, after a semester’s taste of freedom, my daughter was a bat out of h-e-double hockey sticks during her freshman year winter break. She will even admit it to you now, she was the epitome of the classic, sassy, immature, Natural Light drinking freshman. After many nights of waiting up for her to return from a late night out with high school friends, I was ready to send her back to Oxford. Now that she’s a much wiser Junior, I count down the days until I get to have her home for a whole six weeks! She just left for Oxford yesterday and I may or may not have shed a few tears watching her drive away. She returned safely thanks to MDOT - I always check the roads before she leaves!

Now that all my tears have dried, I am ready to help my DD kick off another great semester! If your child is anything like mine, they tend to be bad at relaying important information to you. SO, I have compiled a list of important dates for the semester! You can find this post again by using the search bar. All of these dates are also listed under the Calendar tab courtesy of POM!

January 22: First day of spring semester 2018 classes

January 26: Students can add courses (if space allows) through this date

January 27-February 2: Students may add courses with instructor approval

February 2: Refund period ends for course withdrawals

February 3: $10 fee added to each dropped or added class

February 12: Non-attendance drop date (AKA if your DC hasn’t been to a class within the first 2 weeks they will be dropped from the class)

March 2: Last day to apply for May and August diplomas

March 2: Deadline for course withdrawals (no refund)

March 5: Midterm grades due

March 10-18: Spring Break

March 19-April 9: Academic advising for Summer 2018 and Fall 2018

March 30: Good Friday (Administrative offices closed)

April 2-16: Priority Registration for Summer 2018 and Fall 2018

April 2-30: Phase 1 Registration Period for Summer 2018 and Fall 2018

April 5: Honors Convocation

May 4: Last day of classes

May 7-11: Finals Week

May 12: Graduation Commencement

important dates

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