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It's Almost Finals Week......Get Ready!

Preparing for finals It’s that time of year, finals season is quickly approaching. Whether you are a student or a parent, there are ways you can start thinking about getting ahead to save yourself the headache later. We are here to help you know how to best prepare for the ending school year. Here are our recommendations:

Study, study, study This is the most obvious tip. Studying for finals is important. At Ole Miss, the week before students take final is considered, “dead week.” Campus gets quiet and the library gets busy. A helpful tip would be to start studying before this week starts.

There are many resources to be taken advantage of leading up to and during finals week. The library is open 24-hours all throughout finals week. You can also set up study sessions with peers in your classes or encourage your student to take advantage of communication with their professors.

It is not unrealistic to recognize that sometimes studying is not enough, or you simply need more help.

King Twin Tutoring is a perfect resource here in Oxford to help you master the content you need for finals. They are flexible, helpful, and a great resource for help in town.

King Twin Tutoring can help with nearly all subject matter as many times as needed. You can book one time only, or buy packages in five and 10 sessions total.

For more information about King Twin Tutoring visit or call 662- 222-1995.

Reward system It is also a great idea to treat yourself or your student after they complete their finals. Getting through a semester is a huge accomplishment. In addition, finishing up a year of college can be an emotional and rewarding time.

Olive Juice gifts has amazing options. Whether it’s something you or your student have been eyeing for a while, or something completely unexpected, a gift is the perfect reward for a long and hard semester.

For more information about Olive Juice Gifts visit their Facebook or call 662-259-2696.

Katherine Beck, located right on the square, is another great place to look for you or your student. You can shop both online or in-store for whatever suits your needs.

For more information about Katherine Beck visit or call 662-234-9361.

Take a deep breath We know that finals can be a stressful time for both parents and students. With all of the stress, it is important that you and/or your students take care of yourself.

Getting proper sleep, exercise, eating good meals, and practicing mindfulness can be great ways to relieve stress.

Most of all, be proud of how far you’ve come. Finishing up a year of college is a huge accomplishment and one to celebrate.

Comment below what you’re doing this finals season to release stress and celebrate.

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