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New Year's Resolutions: Tutoring Resources

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Continuing our focus on New Year’s Resolutions, I compiled a list of some amazing tutoring resources if your child resolved to get their grades up. I can remember taking college algebra as a freshman and being absolutely terrified. Math is the subject that I could never seem to grasp and is part of the reason why I chose to go into communications—joking, kind of. I actually ended up passing the class with a C, which was a win for me, but I could not have done it without some outside help. Whether your child is taking organic chemistry or EDHE, if they are struggling, there are so many resources available, its taking the leap and looking for assitance.

Your child may feel embarrassed or uncomfortable asking for help especially when it feels like they’re the only person struggling. Trust me, they’re not alone. Make sure your child understands that and then point them in the right direction.

Ole Miss has a list of tutoring resources and help sessions for students within every major. You can find that list here. This site gives you access to contacts at each department to reach out to about finding a tutor, and for some majors it gives a list of private tutors and the different times of group tutoring. Every time I found myself struggling in a class I utilized this list and I can personally recommend it.

Another great resource is Hotty Toddy Tutors. This is a group of Ole Miss students who are taking the same classes as your child so they know how to offer valuable help tailored to specific classes Ole Miss offers. They offer private sessions as well as group sessions. The groups sessions are $10 for one hour of tutoring, and the private sessions range between $25-$45 for a one hour session.

The Tutor Crew is similar to Hotty Toddy Tutors. It is student ran so it has that same benefit. Their website is a little easier to navigate, and all of their one hour single sessions are consistently $40. They offer group sessions, but it only goes up to two additional people and you have to gather those people. A group of two is $70 and a group of three is $90.

Another site I have found is Uloop. It offers tutoring services for Ole Miss students. The sessions range between $25-$60, depending on the subject and how experienced the tutor is. I’ve never used this site, but you may find it helpful.

If your child is apart of Greek life at Ole Miss, the academic chair can schedule tutoring for you. Finally, sometimes the best option is to go directly to your professor during office hours and ask for help. Every student learns and takes in information differently so it is comforting to know there are so many options for additional help.

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