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Midterm Madness

We have gotten quite a few emails asking where to order midterm happies from, so we decided to write an article to share with everybody! With midterms sneaking up (midterm grades are due March 5th!) it can be a stressful time for students. It’s nice to send something to your daughter or son to ease the stress and let them know that you are thinking about them. So, without further ado, here is a list of where to order cures to midterm madness.

Katherine Beck, a boutique gift shop located on the Square, offers midterm and finals gift baskets for students. Each basket is custom based on price. They deliver both on and off campus. Psst – KB has the cutest jewelry! A pair of fun earrings would be a surefire way to ease the midterm blues.

Lily Pad is probably the best-smelling boutique gift shop in all of Oxford. Located on the Square, The Lily pad has an amazing selection of gifts (my fav is the candle display!). They also offer midterm and finals gift baskets based on price. They deliver on and off campus.

While this one you have to order online, the Ole Miss Barnes and Noble also has a great selection of midterms/ finals gift boxes. They offer over 21 types of gift boxes ranging from ones called “fruit pack”, which is all fruit, to all vegan food boxes and one called “exam aid” which is all candy and snacks.

Cookies are always a hit with college kids. Insomnia delivers warm and fresh-out-of the oven cookies on and off campus! Nothing is cheers me up more than a warm cookie while studying for midterms in the library.

There you have it! Have other recommendations? Comment below!

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