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New Parking Garage Construction Takes Away 234 Parking Spots on The Square: Here's Where to Find

Construction for the new parking garage on The Square is finally set to begin June 2018 with plans to be completed by June 2019. The parking garage will be built on the parking lot that currently sits behind Bouré, and it will provide 401 new parking spaces with an additional 90 surface parking spaces around the garage.

However, while the construction is going on, 234 free parking spaces will no longer be available on The Square. That’s an entire football season, baseball season, Double Decker weekend and most of the orientation sessions without those parking spots.

The parking commission has been working with local businesses, the city and the county to open up temporary free parking spaces surrounding The Square while the garage is being built. Before going to The Square during construction, check out these potential temporary parking lots:

Oxford Park Commission parking lot:

This lot is located at 310 S 15th St, which is walking distance to The Square. Their lot is already available for parking and has 88 open spaces, so once the construction begins be sure to keep this lot in mind for parking.

Jackson Ave E, West of Jail:

This lot is also located right off The Square, and it has been approved by the Board of Supervisors to allow visitors to use this lot once construction for the parking garage begins. This will provide 31 temporary spaces.

Oxford Church of Christ:</