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Graduation Gift Ideas

With graduation quickly approaching we have received a multitude of messages asking for gift ideas, so I thought I would share some ideas I had and gifts I have received in the past that I loved. Caution: this post is pretty lengthy but stick with me!

Jewelry is an obvious option if you have a very special gal graduate. Upon my high school graduation, instead of the traditional Herff Jones class rings, I opted for a simple silver ring with “CHS Class of 2014” engraved on the inside of the ring. My favorite part is the engraving, it’s in a really pretty script and it adds a level of personalization that just makes it feel all the more special. I still wear the ring every day and as a recent college graduate, I plan to look into getting something similar to commemorate my time at Ole Miss. I think jewelry makes a great, personable gift and you can find nice pieces at all different price points. As far as jewelry in Oxford goes, I recommend Brooks Collection on the Square. They have some beautiful and unique options in all different price ranges.

Clothing is always a great choice that you know will go to good use – especially if its clothing items that can be added to the graduate’s work wardrobe. Work wardrobe aside, here’s a little fact about me…I love sleep. If I don’t get at least seven hours of sleep every night, then it’s going to require three cups of coffee to get me functioning the next morning. That being said, I love a good PJ set. When I wake up in the morning in PJs I feel like I just have got it together and can conquer the world, even if it is one of those three cups of coffee mornings. It may seem silly but a waking up in good PJ set verses an old sorority t-shirt (not to diss t-shirts, I was the t-shirt chair for my sorority!) helps me feel ready to tackle my work day. As a recent graduate, I’ll take every extra bit of confidence going into a work day that I can get! On my 21st birthday, I got a call from Hinton and Hinton saying I had a surprise waiting to be picked up. A special somebody called and had a PJ Harlow set wrapped up for me and needless to say, I was so excited. I loved having a thoughtful surprise and picking it up from the nicest people at Hinton and Hinton was so much fun. So, whether it be a PJ set or a nice dress shirt, having something wrapped up for your graduate to pick up can be a really fun and memorable surprise. Hinton and Hinton has a huge selection of mostly men’s clothing and would be a great place to purchase pieces for a guy graduate’s work wardrobe.

A little out of the box but hear me out – t-shirt quilts. These quilts have become a really popular gift for graduates. I have acquired probably over one hundred t-shirts during my 3.5 years at Ole Miss and wasn’t too sure what to do with them until now. Since I am a former sorority t-shirt chairman, I do have an abnormal amount of tees but I think just about everybody in college amasses quite a collection of t-shirts! I used to wear t-shirts every day to class but now that I’m working, I don’t really have a need for my mass number of tees. There are companies online that will make a quilt out of your grad’s favorite shirts and I think it’s a really cute (and comfy) way to commemorate the college days. Every time your grad uses the quilt they will be taken back to a memory associated with the shirts, whether it be a fun date party or successful philanthropy event. Since I haven’t had my quilt made, I’m not sure where to recommend but I love the idea. If you have had a quilt made and have a recommendation, let us know in the comments! Or this is something you could even make for your grad, if you're particularly crafty!

(Found this image on Got Quiltz? just to give you an idea of what it would look like, has anybody used this company before?)

Dishware can also be a great grad gift idea. A set of nice plates or glasses are a really special and practical option because they will go to good use, but probably not something a recent grad will find themselves wanting to purchase with their paycheck. Neilson’s is a department store and an Oxford classic that has some really pretty options.

Lastly, a good luggage set is another practical idea, especially if your grad loves to travel or will be traveling a lot in their new job. It’s also another one of those things that a recent grad probably won’t want to purchase themselves but makes for a great gift! This year for Christmas, I got my significant other a Delsey suitcase and my parents got him the matching carry-on piece and dopp kit. He loved it and uses his set all the time! That being said, it’s also a great gift idea if you’re looking to team up with somebody to give a present. I’ll let y’all in on a little secret, I actually bought the suitcase the day after Christmas to get it on sale (haha!) but shhhh…don’t tell! I’m a big fan of Delsey luggage and see that brand all the time at randomly enough, Tuesday Morning for great prices!

Apologies for the lengthy post, just wanted to get all my ideas out there! Do y’all have any creative grad gifts that you love giving? Let me know in the comments!

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