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The Lowdown: Summer Intersessions

Only mere weeks left before the end of the semester and advising is in full swing. Students are racing to get into all of the classes they need for fall semester. Advising is such a hassle and there is never a guarantee you get the classes you want when you want them. One thing that might be worth looking into if you haven’t gotten the classes you want or need is summer intersession.

There are five different 2018 intersession options to choose from:

  • May Intersession: May 14 – 25 with finals being May 26. Only up to 3 credit hours may be taken at this time.

  • First Summer Term: May 29 – June 22 with finals being June 25-26. Up to 6 credit hours may be taken.

  • Second Summer Term: June 28 – July 25 with finals being July 26-27. Up to 6 credit hours may be taken.

  • Full Summer Term: May 29 – July 25 with finals being July 26-27. Up to 12 credit hours may be taken.

  • August intersession: July 30 – August 10 with finals being August 11. Only up to 3 credit hours may be taken at this time.

Summer intersession is an ideal time to take classes whether you’re trying to get ahead, catch up or just stay on track. Students can benefit from summer sessions in many ways. Students will often take a class that they may have previously failed in order to get back on track. Often times summer classes are easier because there is less of a workload than traditional full semester classes. This is because professors have to cram an entire semester of information in a very short period of time. It’s not beneficial to the students to go into too much detail.

If you’re trying to get ahead of the game, Summer Intersession is perfect for that. Let’s be honest, most students don’t want to sit in a history 101 class or science class that has nothing to do with their major for months on end. It’s a drag. Getting these core classes out of the way is a surefire way to get ahead. For those who want to take summer to stay on track, it’s ideal to do so that way students don’t have to take a full (and stressful) load of work.

Not all classes are offered during the summer so plan accordingly. But enjoy Oxford and all it has to offer with less of a crowd and a more relaxed vibe.

For more information on housing, meal plans, parking passes and tuition for summer intersessions, visit the office of Academic Outreach.

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