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Ole Miss Student Disability Services

How exciting it must be for all you incoming freshman parents who are excited about the next chapter in your students’ lives. For some of you, this can be a little unnerving process. As a fellow parent, I share in your constant worries day-in, day-out. It seems like every day brings a new challenge as a parent and college will be no different. As a parent of a child with a disability, I am sure you’ve spent years with the constant thought of how each situation will present challenges (and rewards) for your child. This certainly can’t be easy to forge forward with “college” and the potential obstacles it may present. I love the quote “What if I fall? “Oh but my darling, what if you FLY?’” Ole Miss is well equipped to handle your student’s needs, with the utmost personalized care.

In speaking with Ole Miss Student Disability Services, they couldn’t have been nicer, compassionate and authentic in their very individualized care. Examples of how they potentially service students on the Autism spectrum range from classroom and housing accommodations. Further, the Speech and Hearing Center also offers communicative services to students with needs.

Again, the emphasis being an individualized approach, Ole Miss can accommodate less distractions and stimuli from their testing center, and even accommodate individual housing dorm room requests.

To start your individualized plan with Ole Miss, first your student must be admitted to the University. Then, the student must complete the Rebel Access Application. This application is completed to allow the student to self-disclose a disorder or impairment and request accommodations. Ole Miss cannot review any documentation submitted without having a completed and signed Rebel Access Application on file. Submission of an Rebel Access Application does not guarantee a determination of eligibility.

Next, students must submit documentation from a healthcare professional which states a diagnosis, details of the students current functioning, and supports any request for accommodations.

Lastly, students are asked to complete an initial interview. This can be done in person or via telephone. After which, within 10 days, the student will be notified of their approval or denial.

After approval, students will continue to work with a specialist to set up a meeting to confirm students accommodations and finalize paperwork.

We wish you the very best and encourage you parents to head to either our private forum to chat about experiences and seek support from other parents, or if you feel inclined head to our private Parents of Ole Miss Facebook group to chat as well.

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