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ABC and Underage Drinking

What is ABC?

ABC stands for Alcoholic Beverage Control and is a group of law-enforcement certified agents that are in many states - including Mississippi. Their main purpose is to maintain enforcement of local option laws (wet VS dry counties), prohibition laws and beer laws for all of Mississippi. Basically, they are alcohol-specific cops and they are often in Oxford.

A common practice among underage drinkers is to use a fake ID (includes using another person’s driver’s license/ID, altering their own ID or making a new fake ID). In Mississippi, minors caught having or using a fake ID can be fined, have to participate in community service or even have their license suspended! Keep in mind that if using a fake ID or your student gets caught with alcohol while underage, the violation WILL remain on their record until the student is able to have it expunged, which can be very pricey.

While underaged drinking seems to be very common and almost as if it is "a part of the college experience," it is not risk-free. If your student plans on drinking underage, it is important to make sure that they are aware of the potential consequences.

Ole Miss has this saying, “we may lose a game but we never lose a party.” And since Ole Miss is a college town known for “never losing a party,” ABC is out watching alcohol retailers and local night spots like a hawk. ABC is known to go undercover and pose as liquor store employees and bar bouncers. While this may seem a bit extreme, ABC officers are simply doing their job and trying to keep everybody safe. They have also been known to walk into bars- undercover or not- and ask students for their ID’s just to make sure they aren’t drinking underage. This is an extremely common way for students to receive an MIP or fake ID charge. This can also result in a strike with the University. You can read more about the strike policy here.

Word of advice from a grad and one of the only ones out of her friends to have never used a fake ID? Don’t risk it and get busted. I’ve seen too many people get into trouble they shouldn’t have been in in the first place. Be safe, be smart and be an Ole Miss Rebel INSTEAD of a rebel on the run!

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