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Martindale Student Services

If you have ever taken a formal tour of the University of Mississippi, chances are you walked through the great doors of the Martindale Student Services Center. Many only associate Martindale with the admissions office and tours, but it may just be one of the most important buildings on campus for Ole Miss students. Most student’s problems can be solved throughout the various floors of Martindale, but many are unaware of which office can meet their specific needs. Here is a breakdown floor by floor of all the student services Martindale has to offer!

Floor One

If you see a family wandering around looking very lost, they are probably looking for 145 Martindale. The first floor of Martindale is home to the admissions office which is where prospective students congregate to go on their campus tours. If your student is interested in being a student ambassador (the students who give tours of campus), this is where they will interview for the position and where they will work from if selected. Applications to be an Ole Miss Student Ambassador will go out on OrangeSync in the fall.

Floor Two

The second floor of Martindale is home to parent’s favorite, and least favorite, offices on campus. On the second floor is where you will find the financial aid office which is very helpful in assisting students and families with all of their financial aid needs. When I went in there last summer with questions regarding my summer financial aid, they answered all of my questions with a smile and quickly solved the issue. The second floor of Martindale is also home to the bursar's office. As a current student, I can promise that your child will pay at least one visit a semester to the bursar's office so it is very useful to know where it is located. Since Ole Miss is not free to most of us (unfortunately), this is where you or your student can pay for tuition or pay off any current holds that they may have on their account.

Floor Three

Trust me, it is worth the stairs to get there. The third floor of Martindale has everything your student will need to be a successful at Ole Miss. As soon as you get to the top of the stairs you will see the career center. It is never too early for your child to utilize the career center as much as possible as they provide awesome services including resume editing, resume printing, personality/job fit testing, and multiple career focused seminars. Floor three is also where the Center for Student Success and First Year Experience is located, so if your student has a freshman advising appointment or needs more information on what to do if they are struggling academically throughout their first year, this is where they will receive assistance. Lastly if your child ever feels like leaving Ole Miss to go across the pond for a semester, the study abroad office is also located on the third floor of Martindale to help them find the best program that fits them and their travel budget.

Often times at a school with nearly 20,000 undergrad students, one can feel like the university is too large to assist them with any of their problems. Inform your student to never be afraid of utilizing everything that Martindale Student Services Center has to offer them throughout their four years at the University of Mississippi. There are multiple people working in Martindale who are passionate about helping your student until they witness them succeed. As a soon to be senior, I can confidently say that walking into Martindale is never a waste of time. Head over to Martindale this fall to receive all the help you and your child will need to make your family’s time at Ole Miss the best it can be!

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