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Top Sorority Rush Misconceptions...and Why You Shouldn’t Believe Them

As the parent of an Ole Miss student going through rush, you’re probably wondering what your role is in all of this rush business. Take it from me, someone who claimed to be soooo independent her freshman year...we don’t just want our moms after Pref night, we NEED our moms. The 12 hours between turning in my Pref card and receiving my Bid card just about drove me and my mom insane!

My mom came into town the day of Pref, and so did my friends’ moms. They knew how stressful the process had been—especially with it being right around midterms—and them being there for us was simply - everything. That night, we went and had dinner on the square and talked all things rush because it was finally over!! If only I had known then what I know now...

Rumors You’ll Hear Before Rush Week:

• Bid Lists Are Made Before Rush Starts

Anyone who has been on the member side of Rush Week knows that this isn’t the case, but somehow it’s the hottest rumor every Rush season. Ole Miss has nearly 1500 girls going through formal recruitment this year. Now how would the sororities be able to pre-pick their members from this massive pool of applicants based on a resume or recommendations sent in the mail? That would take longer than rush does! Girls get into sororities based on a combination of high school GPA, involvement, and the connections they make with girls DURING Rush. That’s it! The best way to get a bid you want is to be open-minded during the week and be yourself! You meet the girls you could see yourself being best friends with and you know which house feels like home.