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A Tutoring Tutorial

Midterm exams are over, and we are now heading into the final half of the semester. If you wish to see your student’s grades, you can gain access to their BlackBoard and myOleMiss accounts. Not happy with the grade? Don’t worry, the semester is far from over and your kid has time to raise his or her grades before finals week (December 3-7). In case you missed it, an Ole Miss professor wrote an article called Professor’s Top TEN for Student Success. This article lists pointers to help your son or daughter become a successful student.

College is no easy task. Bogged down with homework, exams, and social responsibilities, students can find themselves struggling to maintain a desirable GPA. Luckily, Oxford and the university offer many different affordable tutoring resources. No matter the subject, your student can get all the help he or she needs. These resources have proven to be trusted and successful.

Collegiate Tutoring, for example, has served over 500 Ole Miss students with over 3,000 hours of tutoring. With a mission to help students build confidence and ace their exams, the company has more than 60 tutors knowledgeable in calculus, biology, physics, accounting, Spanish, and many other course subjects. Is your child part of a Greek organization? One thing that sets Collegiate Tutoring apart from others is its cooperation with fraternities and sororities. Some Greek organizations cover the cost of Collegiate Tutoring tutors in their dues, meaning your son or daughter may receive help at no cost to you. While it has a large presence in fraternities and sororities, Collegiate Tutoring is available to allstudents—Greek or non-Greek. To book a tutor, email

As noted above, this town has so many tutoring resources for your student. Companies like Hotty Toddy Tutors, The Tutor Crew, and Uloopconnect students to experienced tutors that are certain to help them become successful. Individual academic departments on campus also have tutors on hand. They can be found at the department’s front office, on bulletin boards throughout the building, or here. These resources paired with any pre-existing resources are almost guaranteed to turn a poor GPA around. There is plenty of time left in this semester, so book a tutor to help your student come out on top!

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