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Showing Love for the International Students of Ole Miss

PHOTO / The Office of International Programs

It may be the University of Mississippi, but the Ole Miss student population is comprised students from all 50 states and 86 countries! With so many international students on campus, we wanted to put together a list of resources for international students. Having students come to Ole Miss from all over the world strengthens our university and allows students from all walks of life to learn from each other. We’re so thankful to have so many countries represented on campus!

The Hub Apartments

The Hub offers weekly shuttle service to Wal-Mart to their international students living there. There are other perks to make them feel comfortable as well! Apartments all across town have programs in place to help international students integrate into the community.

Office of International Programs

The Office of International Programs’ primary goal is to make international students feel comfortable and at home in Oxford. Their office is 331 Martindale,and they are the best resource for international students on campus. This is the place to go to get help or have any of your questions answered!

International Student Newsletter

The OIP puts out a weekly newsletter to help international students get engaged on campus. There are several clubs and organizations focused on international students that publish details about their events in the newsletter, as well. You can sign up here! (

International Student Organization

ISO is a place where international and American students can interact and find common ground. ISO hosts lots of events to bring the community together, including an International Night! The goal is to bridge the gap between different cultures and appreciate the diversity on campus.

International Ladies Club

ILC is an open social club for international students, faculty, staff, and community members, as well as American women acting as mentors to international members. ILC hosts a series of events to help members build lasting relationships with other international women and strengthen their social support in the community.

International Student Advisory Board

ISAB is an advisory board for the Associated Student Body. ISAB gives international students a way to have their voices heard in student government. ASB’s goal is to create an inclusive environment at Ole Miss that serves the interests of all students. ISAB is a great way to get involved!

The O.U.T Buses

Being an international student shouldn’t keep you from getting around town. The Oxford University Transit buses take students around Oxford for free with your student ID! They pick up at most of the major apartment complexes and all across town. You can check out the bus routes here!

You can find out about even more organizations for international sudents here!

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