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A Review on Internships Abroad

Does your student want the go abroad but not want to give up missing football season or spring parties? There is a way to do just that!

Ole Miss offers an untraditional chance to travel; interning abroad. Internships are a great way to gain real-world experience in whatever field of your interest. Only 1% of college graduates have international work experience, so not only will this internship look great on a resume, but you also earn class credit. To save you from digging, here are three programs Ole Miss offers.

Global Experiences

Program Length: 8,12, or 13 weeks

Destinations Offered: Barcelona, Spain; Dublin, Ireland; Florence, Italy; London, England; Milan, Italy; Paris, France; New York City, NY; Shanghai, China; Stockholm, Sweden, Sydney, Australia and Washington D.C.

Programs: 30 different internships offered but to name a few…fashion business, event management, sports administration & web design

What Is Included: Guaranteed placement, on-site staff, medical/travel insurance, housing, visa assistance, on-site/predeparture orientation

Special Offering: Ole Miss students receive a $800 discount off program tuition

Review From Student: “Doing an internship abroad was the best decision I made while in college. I was unsure where to turn when looking for an internship and had long desired to go abroad but waited too long to go for a full semester because none of my business classes were offered. I found out about interning aboard through the on-campus study abroad office. Even though, I decided this was something I wanted to do two months before the departure date, both Ole Miss and Global Experiences were incredibly helpful in making my wishes come true. I interned in Barcelona, Spain doing Content Marketing for a global company. I gained knowledge and experience far beyond what the classroom could provide. While abroad I also was able to travel to Switzerland, France, Italy, and other parts of Spain. Even when stationed in Barcelona, there were constantly things to do around the city. My apartment far exceeded my expectations and I was grateful to have five awesome roommates. I would highly recommend Global Experiences to anyone interested in going abroad.”

-Elle S., Senior, Marketing and Corporate Relations Major

Cultural Experiences Abroad

Program Length: Summer or semester

Programs: Study + Internship (receive up to 2 class credits by taking classes on location at destination) or Internship only.

Destinations Offered: Aix-en-Provence, France; Barcelona, Spain; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Dublin, Ireland; Florence, Italy; Granada, Spain; London, England; Paris, France; Prague, Czech Republic; Rome, Italy; San Jose, Costa Rica; Seville, Spain; Shanghai, China

Programs: 30 different internships offered but to name a few…Agriculture/Animal Sciences, Museum Studies, Broadcasting, and International Relations

What Is Included: Personalized pre-departure advising, visa & immigration advising, airport pick-up, on-site orientation, 24/7 emergency assistance, housing, excursions, and much more.

Special Offering: Apply by 2/28 receive $1000 travel voucher

Review From Student: “My experience with CEA summed up would be just okay, although everyone in the program from staff members to participates was nothing less than pleasant, the overall experience seemed to have a disconnect. I was placed with a medical device sales company in Barcelona, Spain. I was one of the lucky ones and was placed in an internship program that I was interested in; however, I know many of my fellow participants where not so lucky and received internships that did not best suit their future career choices. Also, the roommate pairing system seemed to be flawed. I was paired with five roommates that were completely opposite of me. Aside from the roommate situation, the location of our six-person house could not have been better. It was in a prime location that allowed us an easy commute to and from our daily activities. I feel as though CEA could also drastically improve their pre-departure experience. Seeing as I had never been to Europe, I was completely unprepared for the financial situation I was about to be placed in. I was unaware of the cost of food, water (it is not free at restaurants) and how to shop at a grocery store. While I do not regret my experience studying abroad, I would recommend looking into other travel programs before making a final decision. If I could do it again, I would go through a different company.”

– Hunter W. Senior Marketing major

International Education of Students

Program Length: Semester or summer

Programs Offered: Full-time summer internship, full-time semester internship, study abroad with part-time internship

Destinations offered: Barcelona, Spain; Berlin, Germany; Cape Town, South Africa; Chicago, Illinois; Dublin, Ireland; Hong Kong, China; London, England; Milan, Italy; New York City, NY; Paris, France; Rome, Italy; Santiago, Chile; Shanghai, China; Sydney, Australia; Vienna, Austria

Programs: 18 areas of study with several options within each, to name a few… Special Education, Security Studies, Aerospace Engineering, Kinesiology, Dance, and Journalism.

What Is Included: Full time work hours, career preparation, cultural overview & events, financial aid, predeparture advising, well-located housing and world-class academics and faculty.

Special Offering: n/a


Since IES is new to the Ole Miss offering, no students have been able to comment on their experience. To read general reviews check their website.

While abroad, students are able to experience life as a local and a tourist. Typical workdays abroad are vastly different from those we are accustomed to in the United States. Europeans typically work from around 9am - 4pm with a 2 hour lunch break. Because of this, you have an abundance of free time to explore your host city! On weekends, students are free to travel to other countries and cities at your own expense (most bosses also give you days off if requested). Flights and hotels between European destinations tend to be reasonably priced, making the possibilities endless!

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