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The surprising gem of Airbnb & VRBO in Oxford

One of the perks of owning a home in Oxford is that housing is always in high demand. Whether its long-term or short-term rentals, folks visiting Oxford struggle on big weekends to find a place to stay.

Last year, at our Empty Nester events, I was surprised at the number of questions that surrounded the validity of Airbnb properties here. Many were skeptical about the experience (naturally) but in Oxford? My same response every time: The home rental scene here in Oxford is very legit.

Whether it’s a primary residence or a second home, it’s an easy way to help out Oxford lovers with a great place to stay, at an affordable price and showcasing Oxfords hospitality.

Take this home above: 5 bedrooms, sleeps 12. On a football weekend, at a hotel you’re staring down three rooms needed, with a 2-night minimum. Rates for football weekends range from $500+. So, let’s say the three rooms cost $500 each. Your looking at $1500 in hotel room fees (plus 9% tax). Your crammed into a space with amenities downstairs that are shared.


You could rent a house for $1500 per night. Each couple has a private bedroom, and a common area in the home to relax, and offers a great way to cook for yourself, entertain and make yourself at home. You don’t have to wait the lines at the square for a table for dinner. You can sleep in, lounge in your jammies and stare out the windows at Oxford’s beauty while drinking freshly pressed coffee.

For many of us locals, renting our homes has become a natural idea. The “big” weekends are weekends we look to retreat. So why not offer an opportunity for a win/win and rent out our homes and leave town and let y’all enjoy?

For the second home owners, what a great way to earn some cash on weekends that you might not be attending? Your investment property is already paying YOU!

Graduation weekend, football, baseball, orientation, Double Decker are all hot weekend to rent out! Why not consider it?!

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