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The surprising gem of Airbnb & VRBO in Oxford

One of the perks of owning a home in Oxford is that housing is always in high demand. Whether its long-term or short-term rentals, folks visiting Oxford struggle on big weekends to find a place to stay.

Last year, at our Empty Nester events, I was surprised at the number of questions that surrounded the validity of Airbnb properties here. Many were skeptical about the experience (naturally) but in Oxford? My same response every time: The home rental scene here in Oxford is very legit.

Whether it’s a primary residence or a second home, it’s an easy way to help out Oxford lovers with a great place to stay, at an affordable price and showcasing Oxfords hospitality.

Take this home above: 5 bedrooms, sleeps 12. On a football weekend, at a hotel you’re staring down three rooms needed, with a 2-night minimum. Rates for football weekends range from $500+. So, let’s say the three rooms cost $500 each. Your looking at $1500 in hotel room fees (plus 9% tax). Your crammed into a space with amenities downstairs that are shared.