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Summer Plan: Part 1, Summer School

As the semester is rapidly coming to end, it is time to start thinking about your student’s summer plans. While others can start planning for the beach, some students need to start focusing on summer classes. Whether it is taking care of Freshman Forgiveness, getting ahead in your degree progress, or making up for lost time after switching majors, Ole Miss’s summer school has many benefits. If your student is considering summer classes, keep reading to learn more!

Types of Courses

Summer classes are a great way to catch up or get ahead in school, and they are a great excuse to stay in Oxford just a little while longer. In case your student is not able to stay in Oxford, Ole Miss offers a variety of classes online. The course catalog for the summer includes a multitude of classes, meaning there is a class for everyone (including your student)! To see the dates and a list of courses, click here.


The university provides multiple sessions to allow students to get as many credits as possible outside the academic year. The May and August intersession periods last two weeks, and they are ideal for those classes that are too painful to drag out for a whole semester. The first and second summer terms are month-long sessions, one in June and one in July. For those who are not comfortable with taking a course in a shorter amount of time, there is a full, two-month summer term. Here are the dates for the different sessions:

  • May Intersession May 13th – 24th (Exams May 25th)

  • Full Summer Term May 28th - July 24th (Exams July 25th – 26th)

  • First Summer Term May 28th - June 21st (Exams June 24th – 25th)

  • Second Summer Term June 27th - July 24th (Exams July 25th – 26th)

  • August Intersession July 29th - August 9th (Exams August 10th)


Tuition is based on the number of credits a student decides to take. For Mississippi Residents, an undergraduate student will pay $1,023.75 for every 3-credit hour course. For non-resident undergraduate students, every 3-hour course is $2,047.50.


If your student is thinking about living on campus while taking summer classes, the summer housing application opens April 1, 2019. The application fee is $30. Registration is done through your student’s myOleMiss account. Here are the available dorms based on the sessions:

  • May Intersession: Minor Hall

  • First Summer Term: Pittman Hall

  • Second Summer Term: Pittman Hall

  • August Intersession: Only available to students living on campus the following semester

Meal plans are available for the First, Second, and Full Summer Terms. Also, current parking permits from Spring 2019 semester are valid through Intersession and Summer semesters.

Summer is a great time for taking classes at Ole Miss. Students have the opportunity to focus on just one course at a time without worrying about other classes or social obligations. They also have the incredible opportunity to stay in Oxford longer than usual. Students interested in taking courses in the summer should look at the catalog online and add the course(s) through their myOleMiss account.

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