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Get Ready for May Intersession

Graduation is here, and you know what that means­­­­—Maymester is right around the corner! If your student is enrolled for a summer intersession class, there’s no need to sweat. While it may seem too quick, this two-week class period has many benefits and is popular among many Ole Miss students.

The greatest advantage of Maymester is its short duration. Whether a class is too easy or too difficult, taking it over a two-week period for 3.5 hours per day makes it less sufferable. It is an ideal way to complete electives and prerequisites without them taking up time during your fall and spring schedules. My major required me to take Introduction to Political Science, a class that I knew would be easy but was not too excited about (some people love politics, but it’s not my cup of tea). Instead of dragging it out over the course of a semester, I was able to condense it into a couple of weeks to save the suffering. Another example is a friend of mine who took an accounting class last May. She went in knowing it would be tougher than taking it during the fall or spring, but she wanted to go ahead and get it over with quickly. While her course was a lot of work, she was glad she made the decision to take it over the summer, claiming it was like ripping off a band-aid.

Regardless of the course’s level of difficulty, Maymester classes require diligence and responsibility. Classes start on Monday, the midterm is Saturday, and the final is the next Saturday. Teachers teach an entire semester’s worth of material in two weeks, so staying on top of homework and studying is important. The biggest reason some people are not successful in their intersession classes is because they miss assignments and forget to study for the midterm and final.

Like I said at the beginning, there is no need to sweat. Many students before have survived and passed their Maymester classes, and your student will too! If your student would like to take a course but is not registered, there is still time. The last day to register for a class is Tuesday, May 14. Students add a class to their schedule through their myOleMiss accounts. Good luck to your student, and “May” the odds by ever in his/her favor!

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