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What I Wish I Had Known

Entering your first year of college can be incredibly overwhelming. The thought of leaving home

for a college campus produces many questions, and you may not know who to ask to find the

answers. Whether you’re the first sibling to leave the nest or the first future Ole Miss Rebel in

the family, we’re here with answers to common questions that incoming freshmen and parents

may have.


The first topic of discussion usually prompts a lot of questions: dorm living. What should you bring? What do you need? Shower caddies and shower flip-flops are crucial, especially if you plan on living in a community- style dorm. I also found my bathrobe to be one of my favorite articles of clothing! I loved using a full-length mirror that hung over the door to get ready in the morning or before going out for a night on the Square. I also think a printer is really nice to have in the room. It’s a lot more convenient to print in your room than walk all the way to the library or Weir Hall. I will admit; I never used my iron or ironing board once while living in the dorm. That’s

something that could’ve been left at home.


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