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David Case: Ole Miss law professor, Twitter celebrity and die hard Rebels fan

If you’re an Ole Miss student and use Twitter on a regular basis, you’ve probably seen the name “David W. Case” attached to a hilarious tweet that has popped up on your timeline.

David Case, Ole Miss alumni and law professor, has spent the past 12 years living his dream and teaching at the University of Mississippi.

“I like lots of places but I really do love this place,” Case said. “I think a lot of students appreciate knowing they have a professor that doesnt just like the place, but considers themselves to be a part of the place.”

Case and his family moved around a lot during the first four years of his life, but he primarily grew up in East Tennessee, right outside of Knoxville. His father was in the Marine Corp and then was a college football coach.

In 1983, Case’s father accepted the defensive coordinator position for the Ole Miss football team, the same time Billy Brewer was head coach for the Rebels. Case was at the University of Richmond at the time but decided to transfer to Ole Miss as a junior with no knowledge of Ole Miss other than it being a part of the Southeastern Conference.

“Given that my father was a football coach, it wasn’t hard for me to fall head over heels in love with the place [Ole Miss] because it was his first really large university coaching job,” Case said. “I kinda dived in with both feet to the Ole Miss experience and was hooked at that point.”

Case spent his remaining two years of undergraduate school earning his bachelor’s degree in English until graduating in 1985. He then decided to apply to the University of Mississippi School of Law.