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Study Abroad: Dublin, Ireland

When I first heard about the study abroad opportunity in Ireland, I immediately got hooked on

the idea. I’ve always wanted to study abroad but the idea of being away for an entire semester at

Ole Miss made me a little uneasy. I love the town of Oxford in the fall and spring semester, so

this program was perfect because it is in the summer with two class credits. I was also excited

about the classes that were offered. The study abroad program was through The School of

Journalism and New Media with the University. Click here for more information on the

programs they offer!

After a canceled flight, a delayed flight, and arriving a day late to Dublin, I finally checked into

my dorm at Trinity College. I had about 7 minutes to freshen up and head downstairs to meet the

rest of the students. We took a walking tour of our new home for the month and visited the

Guinness Storehouse. At the top of the Storehouse was the Sky Bar, and the view was terrific. I

had the chance to drink a freshly poured pint of Guinness. The whole atmosphere of Guinness

was apparent in the atmosphere of the Sky Bar. The brand is known for being a social beer as

well as a sense of community.

We had a welcome dinner with the entire crew - 3 Ole Miss Professors and 43 IMC (Integrated

Marketing & Communications) students. I only knew a handful of people out of the total amount of IMC students, so it was nice to chit chat with other girls before we got to the restaurant.

The first weekend, we took a bus and went to Belfast in Northern Ireland. The funny thing is, is

that coming into this trip I pictured Dublin to be a quaint little town. But I was completely

wrong. Belfast had more of the small-town feel along with smiling faces. The Carrick-a-Rede

rope bridge was breathtaking. I had never seen anything like that.

We then hopped back on the bus and started heading towards the Giants Causeway. It felt like I

was looking at all of Ireland! There was farmland behind me with lambs, surrounded by a sea of

green grass, and the ocean in front of me. It was astounding.

Over the month of study abroad, we had THREE open weekends to travel on our own. We

booked everything a day before we left, so you could say it was a last-minute decision. But

looking back at it, I feel like that is how life should be - in the spur of the moment.

The second weekend of my month abroad, I decided to head to Nice, France for a little sunshine.

It was pretty easy to fall in love with this place! There were cute open-air markets with fresh

produce, homemade art pieces, and freshly baked bread lining the streets. From the sparkling

blue water, beachside cabanas, pink and orange colored buildings, and walking through the

narrow streets of Old Town, to taking a look into Castle Hill, it is all an authentic representation

of Nice.

I loved going to the Causey Farm and experiencing the real-life ways of the Irish culture; we

even made soda bread! As the bread was baking, we learned how to Irish dance. I don't think I

have ever laughed as hard as I did then! That was an experience that I will never forget. I have

no rhythm, so of course, I was saying out loud, "1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, OUAWASH" with 42 of my

classmates, and it was amazing. That was a great time to interact with people I normally

wouldn't cross paths with in Oxford.

The Jameson tour was my top memory from the trip! I loved the experience that the Jameson

brand gave us with the history, experience and then the tasting of the whiskey. I have never

really liked whiskey, but Jameson and ginger is my new drink! This group of people truly made

my trip. It was such a special experience with my professors and other classmates - it was the

perfect place to learn about IMC, gain career and life advice, listen to unique stories, and all

while enjoying a pint together.

This study abroad experience made realize how lucky I am. It's not an everyday thing to walk

across a rope bridge, make Irish soda bread or go to a whiskey tasting with your most-admired

professors. This experience will forever hold a place in my heart.

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