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The 411 on Parent WebIDs

Did you know that your Ole Miss student can authorize you, as a parent, to receive your very own WebID? Parent WebIDs allow you access to the campus wireless network as well as some of the myOleMiss content and services available to your student.

Students can grant or withdraw parental access to three categories of information on their portal: academics, financial aid, and view/pay bills. After activating a parent WebID, you can view academic data such as grades, class schedules and absences. You can also pay your student’s Bursar bill and view financial aid rewards.

Parents with WebIDs can also choose to receive the same REBALERT emergency text message notifications that students receive. These alerts send instantaneous information and instruction directly to your cell phone to maintain safety on campus and keep you informed.

So, how do you get your parent WebID? Your child must first authorize that you may have access to their information. They can do that by following these steps:

1. Log into myOleMissusing their WebID and password.

2. Select the Student tab.

3. Expand the My Profile group under the Student tab.

4. Select Access for Relatives/Guardians on the menu list that expanded down.

5. Add each guardian, checking the appropriate boxes for access desired.

It will take 24 hours for the WebID to become available for you to use!

It’s up to each student’s discretion whether they share their information with their parents. Therefore, they can change this login information at any time. Keep this in mind before giving them a hard time about their grades!

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