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Resume and Career Prep for Students

It is never too early for students to think about entering the job force. The first step is creating a professional resume. Stable Talent, Inc. <> and the Logan Development Group is a local Oxford business that provides assistance to students in their career prep with resume creation as well as interviewing and networking tips. Think of Stable Talent like a head-hunting firm. Daniel Logan, that serves a co-founder of Stable Talent and CEO of Logan Development is a great resource to helping find the perfect job!

“We have worked in talent acquisition all over the country, conducting searches for high-level executive positions and have seen some of the best resumes and interviews,” says Logan. “We wanted to take that knowledge and experience to help students start their careers off on the right foot. If a student can land that first right job it can really jumpstart their career. Landing that first wrong job can really set them back. Helping young people has become a real passion of ours living in a college town.”

Logan has been working with students to create a resume that fits their unique career goals while offering tips and insights on the other dynamics of a job search. Did you know that various studies of hiring managers and those that review resumes say they spend on average less than 10 seconds looking at a resume.

“Students need a clean and concise professional resume that is easy to read and can paint an accurate picture of the student for the reviewer,” says Logan. “There are a lot of formats out there but so many times we see students choosing formats that don’t fit what they are really wanting to accomplish. We also encourage students that are a few years away from graduation to get a first resume started so they can add to it more easily as they progress through school.”

Our CEO of Parents of Ole Miss, Kate Rosson has used a professional to create her resume.

“I found a writer for a major newspaper who specialized in resume creation on the side,” says Rosson. “She took my preformulated resume, and truly told the story of my career. It was in paragraph form for and my education was listed LAST! Who knew! I can honestly say that I have landed interviews and offers for every job since I paid to have it redone. It was money well-spent.”

The cost for resume creation/critique varies depending on what students already have in place, but ranges from $100-$300. Even though it’s only the middle of the first semester this school year, this is an ideal time to get a resume in tip-top shape. And with the trend of giving “experiences” for gifts, why not gift this to your student!

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