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The Perks of a Membership at Destination Study

Believe me when I tell you that an open spot in the J.D. Williams Library during midterm and finals week is a nightmare. Purchasing a membership at Destination Study for your student would save them the stress of searching for a quiet, comfortable space to study.

Located on West Oxford Loop, Destination Study offers tutoring, study space, group project assistance, homework help and test prep. The staff at PODS understands that everyone has unique learning styles. They tailor their services to fit your student’s individual needs. Your son or daughter can schedule an appointment at no charge to tour the facility and decide what services they need. DestinationStudyhas 24/7 access with a well-lit parking area and security cameras on the interior and exterior of the building. There are large group rooms that seat 6 to 8 people and have 55'' smart tvs for easy screen share to PC and Apple devices. These rooms are perfect for tutoring, group projects, or study groups. There are also medium sized rooms with 4-top tables. Then the smallest rooms are perfect for individual study and can also be used for tutoring. Each room has its own door key to secure belongings during study breaks.

• ALL of the rooms are available with unlimited 24-hour access for a membership fee of $100 per month.

• If your student has a membership to Hotworx fitness studio, they are eligible for $15 off the monthly membership fee to Destination Study.

• Members get a discount on tutoring rates

• Members get priority booking during dead week AND finals week!

• Oxford Nutrition will be providing our members with various drink options (FREE of charge)

every day of finals week!

• Non-members can still rent out rooms at an hourly rate

Contact Reilly at Destination Study for more information by emailing or calling 662-607-6540.

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