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5 Tips for Successful Move-In

Move-in day. How do those three syllables make you feel? Do you panic a little? Do you break out in a sweat or is it no big deal?!! It can definitely be one of the more stressful days when it comes to college, especially the first time around.

You have to make sure your child has absolutely everything they need for their dorm room or apartment. Everything you do embarrasses your son or daughter. It’s hot!! If you are lucky, you only have to climb a few flights of stairs because otherwise, you are waiting on slow moving elevators. And did I mention it is fry an egg on the sidewalk hot?! Well don’t worry, I have five quick tips to make the day a little easier. They will make your move-in day less stressful and perhaps a little more fun!

  1. Make a list of everything your child needs. When you make a list, everything can be crossed off as you load up and again as you move in. Answering the question, did I forget something? And let’s face it, it is so satisfying to check things off a list! BONUS POINT!! If you realize there is not enough room in the dorm or apartment for all the items you are moving in but the things need to remain in Oxford, may I suggest University Storage (662-234-3644) as a solution. It is a great place to keep your overflow.

  2. Make sure you get help if you need it. If you need help moving something heavy or moving a lot of things at once, the university has large laundry carts available to help transport bulky items from the car to the building. Also, Groovin’ at Move-In has student volunteers available that help freshmen move into the dorms. They are happy to help out. If you feel you need more assistance than that, we recommend contacting our friends at Student Moves. We do recommend scheduling them as quickly as possible. BONUS POINT!! Be strategic when loading your car. Last things in are first out. So what needs to go in the dorm or apartment first? Rugs? Bedding?

  3. Drink and bring plenty of water. Move-in day is always hot and when you’re carrying heavy items back and forth, staying hydrated is extremely important. Also, snacks or a quick run for something tasty “to go” while unpacking is going on is never a bad idea. Working on empty is never good.

  4. Pack Your Patience!! Don’t think that showing up early means you’ll be the only one there. Be prepared for a lot of other families and students moving in at the same time. (That is also the fun part of meeting others in the same boat!) Even with apartments, a lot of other people will be moving in as well. The dorm and apartment management teams do everything they can to stagger check in and move in times so that they are not overwhelmed, and you are not overcrowded or waiting. With dorms, the elevators are the most stressful part of it all. It takes time. BONUS POINT!! When you are planning moving your student in, build in extra time for everything.

  5. Make the most of your time. Try and be efficient when it comes to accomplishing tasks. But most importantly have fun with your son or daughter. Dropping your student off at college and leaving them “alone in the world” for the first time can be hard, so make sure you make the best of your time together.

These five tips can help relieve the stresses associated with move-in day. The key is to work together as a team. What do you think? Did we leave anything out? If you find this post was helpful, please like it down below. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and FaceBook!!

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