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Bad Weather? Just a Few Tips from a Student

With the recent news of both Hurricane Marco and Laura heading inland, this rare occurrence can be concerning......especially to those who are unfamiliar with hurricane season and its effects on Oxford. Although Oxford won’t be facing the worst of the storm, your student should be prepared to face a few days of bad weather that could possibly reach North Mississippi toward the end of the storms.

If your student is from South Mississippi, Louisiana or Texas, they are most likely facing a lot of stress considering they are not home with family during the storm on top of starting classes this week. Make sure they do not plan on driving home this week and you are sending them updates on your family and home. Staying in close contact with your student is a great way to help reassure them.


Again, Oxford will most likely only get a few thunderstorms later this week according to the weather forecast, but it never hurts to be overly prepared. If your student was planning on grocery shopping later this week, it is best to do it now to prevent driving through a storm. Your student should also go ahead and make sure their vehicle has gas, keep a rain jacket ready and make sure all their electronics are fully charged. Also, remind your students to keep up with the radar before attending their on-campus class. (It is also a great idea to try to find a parking spot furthest away from trees to prevent any limbs falling onto their car!)

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