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Beauty and Style Trends You Can't Miss!

Have you been wondering how to switch up your beauty routine? Well, here are some new beauty trends that everyone has been talking about!

Celebrity skincare is one thing that has skyrocketed within the year. Although a lot of celebrities have created these lines, Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna are the most popular. Jennifer Lopez came out with JLo Beauty so that people can have affordable skincare and look “youthful at any age”. Rihanna came out with Fenty after trying many different products but realized that there was still something missing when it came to having a full range of skin-tone shades. As a personal user of Fenty Beauty, the line she has created is amazing and I recommend it to anyone who is looking for new makeup.

Another trend that has been very popular on TikTok and Instagram is Function of Beauty. Function of Beauty is a haircare line that allows people to pick out shampoo and conditioner based on their hair type. They offer products for straight, wavy, curly, and coily hair types. It also has different add-in options, exclusively at Target, including things like anti-frizz, volumize, strengthen, and many more.

There have also been a lot of new style trends in 2021 that have been shown off by many well-known influencers and celebrities. Here are some of the most popular ones that everyone has been loving.

Matching sets have always been sort of popular, but they have really started to make a comeback this year for college students. People have been wearing these sweatsuit sets and making them more upscale by adding jewelry, nice shoes, and doing their hair and makeup. Sets are now something that people can wear in the workplace, looking professional and put together while still being comfortable.

Fashion sneakers have also been a huge trend in the last year and still are now. People have also started wearing these fashionable sneakers with things like dresses to date parties, formal events, maybe even a nice dinner. Two notable fashion sneaker brands are Vintage Havana and Golden Goose sneakers. These shoes allow for people to still look fashionable without having to wear uncomfortable heels for a long period of time. They are also incredibly unique and stand out from the regular tennis shoe.

These beauty and style trends have been something that people of all ages have been talking about. Want to stay updated on not only trends but activities and so much more? Subscribe to our newsletter for more updates!

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