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Checklist for Moving to College

May 31, 2019 | Rachael D

Bedding? Check.

Mini Fridge? Check.

Clothing? Check!

Seems like you aren’t missing anything, right? It’s easy to get so caught up in packing the U-Haul and saying goodbye to your student, that you can miss some EXTREMELY small, yet important, necessities to send to college with your child. I know from personal experience. My parents and I faced a lot of “we definitely should’ve thought of that” moments while I was already months into school.

Well, parents, have no fear! This is why Parents of Auburn is here! We have been brainstorming this past week all the things that your child will need while facing life (kind of) on their own! Here is the master list of important things you need to remember before your son or daughter officially becomes a Tiger!

Make sure they have your phone numbers memorized.

Smart phones have really made it easy for us to just click a name rather than having to remember the digits of those closest to us. As a parent, you are probably crossing your fingers hoping that there will never be a moment where your kid is in trouble and doesn’t have access to their cell phone to call you for help. Regardless, better to play it safe than sorry. Quiz your child before you drive away from the dorm - so they can reach you wherever, however, whenever.

Make sure you have everything taken care of insurance-wise (medical and auto).

Send your child with all of their insurance cards and make sure it is organized and in a safe place. This includes auto/dental/vision/health insurances. You may want to check with your insurance providers to make sure that they properly cover your child in Alabama. For example, my family’s insurance only works on the west coast. We have to pay all of my medical expenses out-of-pocket then report it to our provider to get reimbursed.

It’s also critical that your student know who their primary insurance is provided by, their social security number and their date of birth. I’ve witnessed too many times these questions being asked at check-in at a doctor’s office, and these kids don’t know their own dad’s birthday! Sad, but true. Making sure t