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Dressing in Your Saturday Best

The dresses. The blazers. The heels. The dress code for tailgating in the Grove is one aspect of the beloved tradition that participants might not know too much about. It means more than wanting to have cute pictures and show off your fashion style….Those are just happy coincidences.

The tradition of wearing more than a school shirt and jeans is one that students plan for months in advance, but this tradition dates back farther than you might think. It is said the main reason for dressing up for games dates to the Civil War. When soldiers would leave to go fight, women and children would dress in their finest clothes to see their boys off to battle. We do the same. Every home game 2 hours before kickoff the boys walk the Walk of Champions filled with thousands of people cheering them against their opponent.

Dressing in your Saturday best is one part of game day that true Rebels are proud to take part in. Ole Miss takes on Auburn in the Vaught on October 15th, so break out those outfits and keep this tradition alive.

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