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Early Thoughts on Apartment Shopping

We might only be a little over a month into the Fall Semester, but I’d be willing to bet your already starting to hear murmurs from your student about where they want to live next year. It baffles me too, but we want to go ahead and start setting the groundwork for you. Below I’m going to outline different apartment communities and a timeline (so you can snag the best deal!) Lastly, we will share with you some inside secrets.

It would be hard to count the number of properties for students in Oxford. When I was in school we had two “newish” ones: The Commons and Lexington Pointe. So let’s start with the skinny:

Leasing Season: Each college town is different in their core leasing season. Ours at Ole Miss tends to be January/February. However, doing your legwork right now will prepare you for when you’re ready to actually pull the trigger.

First things first, POM hosts our annual “Housing Week” the week PRIOR to the start of Spring semester classes. So, save the dates of January 10-14, 2022 to watch our Facebook live events as we tour each property and allow you to ask questions live! We strategically do it this specific week in January because we know your student has spent their Christmas break wearing you down on their number one pick of places to live and they are hot to sign a lease. We also know that parents want to do their own research and not take the young adults' begs and pleads without knowing the facts. Be sure to check out prior years' Facebook Live videos on our Facebook page under videos!

Specials: You will see housing specials start in October, this could be anywhere from offering a free month’s rent, no deposits, enter to win a new MacBook, get visa gift cards (and in the hundreds of dollars) to free spring break trips and more. These properties get creative and competitive. You don’t have to bow down at first offering but may want to review past years offerings to see when the getting is good.

“Selling Out” Let’s be real, with so many apartments in Oxford, its unusual that a property will “sell out” entirely. BUT with that being said, the longer you wait, the slimmer the pickings on the actual apartment, location or full availability (example: they may run out of 3 bedroom options or like.)

Individualized Leases Most properties offer individualized leases. Meaning, if you don’t have a group of roommates ready to all live together when signing a lease, a 4-bedroom unit at XYZ Apartment will then “roommate match” you. Your student will fill out a survey and the management team does its best to place you in a shared apartment with likeminded folks.