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Get Rush Ready with Olive Juice

Did you know that Formal Recruitment is one of the best weeks every year at Ole Miss? Olive Juice Gifts is ready to help you celebrate it! Their team is ready to help you build the perfect gift to commemorate this special time in your daughter’s college experience in the smoothest way possible.

Over the past ten years, the Rush Team at Olive Juice has taken their considerable experience and are true pros when it comes to finding gifts that will make your daughter’s experience memorable and make your experience less stressful.

“Happies are a PNM’s best friend”

Happies are a girl’s favorite thing! Recruitment week is filled with surprises and Olive Juice is happy to help you send a special surprise or two her way. So, what are Good Luck Happies? They are non-Greek gifts offered to help keep your daughter encouraged and reminded that you are thinking about her no matter where you are, Jackson or Los Angeles.

These gifts are delivered to the dorm lobbies each day, and Olive Juice gives you the options to select delivery dates. They also have fun themed days for all of Recruitment Week, which makes the process of choosing a gift so easy, especially if you are new to Sorority Recruitment!

Greek Day

Spirit Day

Dorm Sweet Dorm Day

Spa Day

Gourmet Day

Oxford Day

Encouragement Day