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Get Rush Ready with Olive Juice

Did you know that Formal Recruitment is one of the best weeks every year at Ole Miss? Olive Juice Gifts is ready to help you celebrate it! Their team is ready to help you build the perfect gift to commemorate this special time in your daughter’s college experience in the smoothest way possible.

Over the past ten years, the Rush Team at Olive Juice has taken their considerable experience and are true pros when it comes to finding gifts that will make your daughter’s experience memorable and make your experience less stressful.

“Happies are a PNM’s best friend”

Happies are a girl’s favorite thing! Recruitment week is filled with surprises and Olive Juice is happy to help you send a special surprise or two her way. So, what are Good Luck Happies? They are non-Greek gifts offered to help keep your daughter encouraged and reminded that you are thinking about her no matter where you are, Jackson or Los Angeles.

These gifts are delivered to the dorm lobbies each day, and Olive Juice gives you the options to select delivery dates. They also have fun themed days for all of Recruitment Week, which makes the process of choosing a gift so easy, especially if you are new to Sorority Recruitment!

Greek Day

Spirit Day

Dorm Sweet Dorm Day

Spa Day

Gourmet Day

Oxford Day

Encouragement Day

Jewelry Day

The Recruitment week “Happies” can be pre-ordered now, up until the Recruitment begins.

Bid Day Gifts

Just in case you are new to all things sorority, Bid Day is the beginning of a lifetime of sisterhood. Nothing makes a new member feel more at home than goodies that are all about their new house! Things that mark the occasion and the sorority they are now a part of are the perfect way to congratulate your daughter. Olive Juice can help you customize a gift package or create one for you.

To customize a package, Olive Juice makes it simple with a template of all the gift options and their prices. Items range from car decals to specialty items and one of a kind artwork. All you have to do is mark which gifts you know your daughter will love. Their staff will handle the rest.

Olive Juice also offers different price options for pre-made packages they offer. These packages are filled with popular Greek items that are loved by all sorority girls.

Olive Juice opens at 8 a.m. on Bid Day and they will begin preparing baskets as soon as the Bid List is sent out and the girls receive their bid cards. The packages are hand-made and will be delivered to the houses all throughout the afternoon of Bid Day and through Monday. It is best to tell your girl to be on the lookout for her gift late that night or Monday morning.

Olive Juice Gifts and their “Rush Team” have worked all year on making sure their “happies” and Greek gifts will be just what your girl will want during this crazy week. For more information on options of gifts and prices, call or swing by Olive Juice to receive a copy of their Rush 101 guide.

They are conveniently located on the Square at 305 S Lamar Blvd., Oxford, MS. Follow them on Instagram for updates @olivejuicegifts and their number is (662) 259-2696. If you found this post helpful, please like and comment down below.

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